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The Goat Machine

Sitara Yoga

Ginger Derr Yoga - Logo created by Visual Fusion Graphic Design Studio in Wichita, Kansas

Ginger Derr Yoga

  Facebook: Ginger Derr Yoga & The Yoga Barn at Sunnydale  | Photography by Visual Fusion Photographics

J. Basil Dannebohm

Hair by Robotics

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Mindful Choices

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Yoga Central

Rack Cards Event Posters – Beginners Workshop & Joyful Kids Yoga Free Yoga Class business card Facebook  |

Critical Cast

OnPoint Property Group  |  Facebook OnPoint Property Group is a full service real estate firm that assists buyers, sellers, leasers and developers. We designed a logo and…

Bolin Motorsports

Bolin Motorsports is a local automobile modification company that specializes in customizing vehicles and building off-road ready machines. They needed a logo and business cards to represent and…

Atomic Dog Apps

Honey Tree & Branches Honey Tree and Branches Academy are an early education and private elementary school, respectively, committed to providing the highest quality education possible in the Wichita and Maize…

Honey Tree Academy Honey Tree Academy is a preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten in the Wichita and Maize area dedicated to growing children academically and socially. We created a website for…

Chino’s Parrilla Chino’s Parrilla offers a unique kind of catering experience for events, parties and lunches of any size, style and location, they also offer food vending for large…


VMware is a company that develops, sells, and maintains virtualization and cloud computing software for x86-compatible computers globally and is based out of Palo Alto, California. We have…

Inner City Peace

Inner City Peace is a movement to bring social and economic inner peace specifically to America’s long neglected inner cities. The logo, branding, shirts, hats, and hoodies that…